Wanted Level

A mod for Dude Simulator 3
About the Wanted Level mod

Unlock new possibilities in Dude Simulator 3 with the ability to instantly raise, lower, or reset your wanted level. This mod gives you total command over your in-game consequences, allowing for a more dynamic and enjoyable experience as you navigate through this expansive sandbox world.

Take Control of Your Criminal Reputation

With this mod, you can effortlessly manage your character's reputation by raising or lowering your wanted level instantly. Whether you're looking to evade the authorities or unleash chaos without fear, this feature empowers you to shape your in-game persona.

Experience Freedom in Gameplay

Imagine exploring the engaging world of Dude Simulator 3 without the constant threat of being pursued by the police. This mod grants you the freedom to engage in wild antics, let loose, and enjoy the game without interruptions, turning your gaming sessions into adrenaline-packed adventures.

A Perfect Fit for Every Play Style

Whether you're a master of mayhem or a strategic player looking to weave through the game's challenges, this mod offers something for everyone. Adjust your wanted level on the fly to fit your playing style, making every session uniquely tailored to your preferences.

Extra Details

Instantly raise, lower or reset your players wanted level.

This modpack contains the following mods

Raise Wanted Level

Instantly raise wanted level.

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