A mod for Dude Simulator
About the Fly mod

Unlock a new realm of exploration and freedom within the game with the Fly mod. Seamlessly navigate through walls and obstacles, discover hidden secrets, and reach previously inaccessible areas. Experience the thrill of unrestricted movement as you fly around the virtual world, unveiling uncharted territories and unlocking new dimensions of gameplay.

Unleash Limitless Exploration

Discover hidden treasures and unlock uncharted territories by using the revolutionary fly mode. No walls or barriers can confine your adventure. Immerse yourself in a whole new dimension of discovery.

Master Unrestricted Freedom

Break free from the confines of traditional gameplay and embrace total control over your movement. With the no clip mode, you have the power to journey through the virtual world unhindered and uncover all its mysteries.

Ascend Beyond Boundaries

Surpass gaming limitations and elevate your experience by effortlessly gliding through game landscapes. The fly mode provides a seamless way to soar across the game world, granting unparalleled access to every corner and secret it holds.

Extra Details

Fly around the game to reach new areas and discover secrets, go through walls and gain free movement. Fly is also sometimes called no clip.

This modpack contains the following mods


Allows you to fly around the map in no clip mode.

Normal Fly Speed

This is the speed of fly when you aren't holding down the fast key. (default shift)

Fast Fly Speed

This is the speed of fly when you are holding down the fast key. (default shift)

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