Kill Player

A mod for Dude Simulator
About the Kill Player mod

Simplify your gaming experience with the 'Kill Player' mod. Instantly remove your character from the game and effortlessly navigate challenges. Enjoy a streamlined modding process with this convenient action option.

Effortless Gameplay Enhancement

Gain an incredible advantage by swiftly removing your character, allowing you to progress effortlessly through challenges, making gameplay more convenient and enjoyable.

Instant Cheat Code

Access a seamless solution to eliminate your character with a simple action, providing an immediate cheat code for a swift exit from the game and effortlessly bypassing obstacles.

Simplified Modding Experience

Experience a simplified modding process with a direct action option, enabling swift character removal and hassle-free gameplay, ultimately making the game more customizable and enjoyable.

Extra Details

Instantly kill yourself.

This modpack contains the following mods

Kill Player

Instantly kill yourself.

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