Set Wanted Level

A mod for Dude Simulator
About the Set Wanted Level mod

Empower your Dude Simulator gameplay with the ability to customize your wanted level and modify law enforcement reactions. This mod offers a personalized and enhanced gameplay experience, allowing you to set the level of challenge to your liking.

Customize Your Wanted Level

Easily adjust your wanted level within the game to enhance the gameplay experience, making it more challenging or allowing for a more relaxed gaming session.

Infinite Wanted Level

Unlock the ability to set your wanted level to maximum, offering a thrilling and intensified gaming experience in Dude Simulator.

Law Enforcement Customization

Gain control over the police reaction, enhancing the level of challenge and immersion according to your preferences when playing Dude Simulator.

Extra Details

Set your wanted level to the specified level.

This modpack contains the following mods

Wanted Level

The wanted level to set.

Set Wanted Level

Set your wanted level to the specified level.

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