One Hit Kills

A mod for Dungreed
About the One Hit Kills mod

Unlock the ultimate power in Dungreed with this modification, enabling you to take down enemies with a single hit. This dramatic increase in damage allows for a thrilling and fast-paced experience, turning each encounter into a swift victory. Whether you're a seasoned player or just diving in, this mod reshapes your adventures in the dungeon for maximum enjoyment.

Transform Your Combat Style

With the ability to eliminate enemies in a single strike, you'll discover a new way to approach battles in this thrilling dungeon crawler. Enjoy a fast-paced experience where strategy becomes plowing through foes rather than just survival, making your adventure even more vibrant and engaging!

Feel Invincible in Combat

Embrace the feeling of invincibility as you charge into enemy territories with the power to defeat everything with ease. This mod introduces a new layer of excitement to your gameplay, letting you focus less on dodging and more on dominating every encounter in the dungeon.

Perfect for Experimentation

Explore the depths of Dungreed like never before! The one hit kills feature encourages creative tactics, allowing you to experiment with different weapons and strategies without the constant threat of defeat. It's your chance to try out that wacky weapon you've been eyeing and see how truly powerful you can become!

Extra Details

Gives you one hit kills. You kill things with a single hit. Your damage is super high.

This modpack contains the following mods

One Hit Kills

Kill enemies with a single hit.

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