A mod for Dyson Sphere Program
About the Essentials mod

Elevate your gaming experience in Dyson Sphere Program with this essential mod pack. Unlock unlimited energy for your mech, tailor your mining speed and power, and enjoy the convenience of instant resource mining. Maximize efficiency and productivity in designing and managing your interstellar factory.

Upgrade Your Mech With Unlimited Energy

Empower your mech with infinite energy, providing a seamless gaming experience to accomplish more in Dyson Sphere Program. Say goodbye to energy constraints and embark on ambitious projects without worrying about power limitations.

Customize Mining Speed and Power for Improved Efficiency

Tailor your mech's mining speed and power to match your strategic goals. Enhance your mining capabilities and efficiency, enabling faster resource gathering and optimized production lines for your intergalactic factory in Dyson Sphere Program.

Instant Resource Mining Capabilities

Acquire instant mining capabilities for your mech, streamlining the resource collection process and allowing you to focus on expanding your industrial empire in Dyson Sphere Program. Enjoy the convenience of rapid resource extraction to fuel your ambitious projects and enhance your space workshop.

Extra Details

Want unlimited energy for your mech? Want to mine resources instantly? Grab this essentials pack to get started for free.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Energy

Give yourself unlimited energy.

Mining Speed

Control how fast your mech can mine resources.

Mining Power

Control how powerful your mech is at mining resources.

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