Set Map Pieces

A mod for Earn To Die 3
About the Set Map Pieces mod

Gain the power to effortlessly unlock all levels and fully customize your gaming experience in Earn To Die 3 by instantly setting the desired number of map pieces, providing endless possibilities and freedom in your gameplay.

Unlock All Levels Effortlessly

Gain instant access to all levels in Earn To Die 3 by setting the number of map pieces to your desired value, enabling you to explore and experience the game without restrictions.

Enhance Your Gameplay

Take control of your gaming experience by customizing the number of map pieces, allowing you to freely navigate through the game without being hindered by limitations.

Complete Customization Power

Empower your game progress by instantly setting the map pieces, granting the freedom to unlock all levels at will, providing an unparalleled and personalized gaming journey.

Extra Details

Instantly set the number of map pieces you have. This can be used to unlock all levels within the game.

This modpack contains the following mods


The amount of map pieces to set.

Set Map Pieces

Set the amount of map pieces you have.

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