Unlock All Cars and Levels

A mod for Earn To Die 3
About the Unlock All Cars and Levels mod

Unlock every vehicle and level in Earn To Die 3 effortlessly! This mod allows you to dive straight into the action without the grind, giving you immediate access to all the cars and levels the game has to offer. Simply play through a level and return to your garage to enjoy your newfound access.

Unlock Unlimited Possibilities

With this mod, you can unlock every vehicle right away. Dive into the action and choose from an extensive range of cars to surmount the zombie apocalypse.

Effortless Level Access

Forget grinding through levels! Gain immediate access to all game levels and explore the full narrative without any obstacles.

Simple Activation for Maximum Enjoyment

Activating this mod is a breeze. Just enter a level, return to your garage, and watch as the entire array of cars and levels become available at your fingertips.

Extra Details

Unlock all the cars and levels. Gives you access to every car and level in the game. Go into the game and then back to your garage for cars and levels to be unlocked.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Cars and Levels

Unlocks all the cars and levels when pressed. You need to go into a level and back out for the UI to update and for cars / levels to be useable.

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