Egg Click Multiplier

A mod for 2d2f613e-1edd-40e9-afb2-47712022e835
About the Egg Click Multiplier mod

Boost your egg collection efficiency with this mod that multiplies the number of eggs obtained per click, with a maximum multiplier of 10. Enhance your gaming experience and accelerate your progress in the Egg game.

Enhance Egg Collection

Multiply the number of eggs received per click, increasing efficiency and accelerating egg collection in the game.

Maximize Egg Click Value

With a maximum multiplier of 10, this mod significantly boosts the value of each egg click, providing an enhanced gaming experience.

Efficient Egg Collection

Improve the effectiveness of egg collection by increasing the number of eggs obtained per click, maximizing the enjoyment of the game.

Extra Details

Multiplies your egg clicks by this amount. The max multiplier is 10.

This modpack contains the following mods

Egg Click Multiplier

The number of eggs you will get per click.

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