Multiply Eggs

A mod for 2d2f613e-1edd-40e9-afb2-47712022e835
About the Multiply Eggs mod

Gain the power to instantly multiply your in-game eggs by a specified amount, optimizing your egg collection process and progressing faster in the game. With options to customize the number of eggs, as well as access to unique actions like 'Win Game' and 'Reset Eggs', this mod introduces a new level of control and excitement to your Egg game experience.

Enhance Egg Collection Efficiency

Customize the number of eggs you have to supercharge your egg collection, making the game more efficient and enjoyable.

Empower Your Egg-Collecting Abilities

Unlock the ability to multiply your eggs instantly, providing greater control over your in-game progress and achievements.

Elevate Your Egg Game Experience

Access exclusive actions such as 'Win Game' and 'Reset Eggs' to elevate your gaming experience and achieve greater success within the game.

Extra Details

Instantly multiply your eggs by a specified amount.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Eggs to Multiply

The amount of eggs to multiply.

Multiply Eggs

Multiply the specified amount of eggs.

Win Game

Gives you 1 MILLION EGGS and wins the game.

Reset Eggs

Resets your eggs back down to 1.

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