Emily is Away <3

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Give Achievement
Take control of your gaming experience with this mod and instantly give yourself specific achievements. Enjoy customizable options, including the ability to refresh the list of achievements and give all achievements at once.
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    Open Secret
    Unleash the potential of Emily is Away <3 with the Open Secret mod. Enjoy unrestricted access to a comprehensive list of secrets, allowing you to explore the game like never before. Effortlessly open any secret in your web browser and enhance your gameplay experience with unlimited possibilities.
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      Unlock Secret
      Gain immediate access to concealed game content with the Unlock Secret mod for Emily is Away <3. Whether you want to discover a specific secret, refresh the available options, or unlock all secrets, this mod provides an enhanced gaming experience.
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        About Emily is Away <3

        Emily <3 is a brand new story set on an old-new social media. Customize your facenook profile, send some friend requests and determine the outcome of your senior year.