Damage Multiplier

A mod for Enter the Gungeon
About the Damage Multiplier mod

Amplify the power of your weaponry with the Damage Multiplier mod for Enter the Gungeon. Customize and intensify your combat experience by adjusting your weapons' damage output to gain a strategic advantage.

Tailor Your Arsenal Advantages

Amplify the power of your weapons to revolutionize how you engage foes. Make battles more thrilling by customizing your weapon's damage output to give you an upper hand and truly stand out in the Gungeon.

Elevate Combat Intensity

Take control of your gameplay experience by harnessing the ability to modify your weapon's strength. Adjusting damage output will refine encounters, intensifying the action and setting the stage for even more epic battles.

Forge Your Path to Victory

Empower yourself by customizing the impact of your firearms, shaping battles to cater to your preferred combat style and strategy. By augmenting your weapon's strength, gain an advantage and dominate in the Gungeon's ever-challenging domains.

Extra Details

Multiply the damage of your weapons by a given amount.

This modpack contains the following mods

Damage Multiplier

Multiply your damage. A value of 1 won't do anything. A value of 2 will double your damage, a value of 0.5 will halve your damage. A value of 0 will stop you from damaging anyone. A value less than 0 will heal others.

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