Damage Multiplier

A mod for Enter the Gungeon
About the Damage Multiplier mod

Ignite your journey through the Gungeon with the ability to multiply your weapon's damage. This mod offers customizable settings that empower you to either amplify your firepower or explore unique gaming dynamics by healing your adversaries.

Tailor Your Combat Approach

Adapt your combat strategy by adjusting weapon damage multipliers. Whether you prefer overwhelming enemies with sheer force or experimenting with healing mechanics by setting negative values, this feature opens new avenues for gameplay in Enter the Gungeon.

Experience New Challenges

Challenge yourself and your understanding of the game. With the ability to halve your damage or even turn your arsenal against those who oppose you by healing foes, you'll find yourself navigating the Gungeon with fresh tactics and invigorated enthusiasm.

Unleash Devastating Firepower

Maximize your potential for destruction by doubling your weapon damage. Burst through intimidating foes and drastically alter the pace of your runs, allowing you to experience Enter the Gungeon in bold new ways designed to thrill.

Extra Details

Multiply the damage of your weapons by a given amount.

This modpack contains the following mods

Damage Multiplier

Multiply your damage. A value of 1 won't do anything. A value of 2 will double your damage, a value of 0.5 will halve your damage. A value of 0 will stop you from damaging anyone. A value less than 0 will heal others.

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