A mod for Enter the Gungeon
About the Essentials mod

Transform your experience in Enter the Gungeon with a suite of powerful enhancements that offer unlimited health, settable blanks, and the luxury of never running out of ammo. Free yourself from the burdens of reloads and dive headfirst into an action-packed adventure where you can outlast any challenge.

Overview Video
Stay Alive Against All Odds

Unlock the ultimate survival feature that lets you maintain unlimited health throughout your adventure. Even if danger strikes, you’ll be back on your feet, keeping the action intense and exhilarating.

Master Your Escape Plan

Control your fate by setting the exact number of blanks at your disposal. Whether dodging an incoming attack or flipping a table for cover, you’ll have the strategic advantages to outsmart your enemies.

Shooting Freedom Awaits

Dive into the action without the constant worry of running out of ammo. With infinite ammunition at your fingertips, focus solely on defeating foes and conquering the legendary Gungeon without pause.

Extra Details

Want unlimited health and blanks? Want to have unlimited ammo and no reloading? Check out this essentials pack to get you started.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Health

Enable to option to give all players unlimited health. This won't stop things from instantly killing you, but will keep you fully healed if you take any damage.

Set Blanks

Enable the toggle to control the number of blanks each player has available.

Unlimited Ammo

Enable this option for unlimited ammo. You will still need to reload, your ammo just won't run out.

No Reloads

Enable this option to prevent your gun from needing to reload. This will not give you unlimited ammo.

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