Infinite Keys

A mod for Enter the Gungeon
About the Infinite Keys mod

Empower yourself with the ability to access an infinite supply of keys, granting you the freedom to unlock every door and uncover the Gungeon's hidden marvels without limitations.

Unlock New Possibilities

Open doors to new adventures with an unlimited supply of keys at your disposal, allowing you to delve deeper into the Gungeon's hidden secrets and treasures.

Master Every Lock

No longer worry about scavenging for keys or being locked out of valuable loot. With a constant supply of keys, you have the power to unlock every hidden room and claim the rewards that await.

Seize Every Opportunity

With an endless inventory of keys, you can seize every opportunity to explore, discover, and conquer the Gungeon without constraints, ensuring no door remains closed to you.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite keys.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Keys

Gives you infinite keys. You'll always have at least one key bullet key and one rat key in your inventory. You can collect more than one key.

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