Factory Town

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Explore 7 mods across 3 modpacks for Factory Town.

Unlock All Campaigns
Unlock all campaigns instantly and effortlessly progress through every campaign in Factory Town, granting you quick access to diverse gameplay experiences and new challenges.
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    Give Coins
    Elevate your Factory Town experience with the Give Coins mod. Instantly provide yourself with a specific amount of coins, including yellow, red, blue, and purple coins. Customize your in-game economy and enhance your resource management effortlessly.
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      Infinite Population
      Unlock the full potential of your game with this mod. Access infinite workers to empower your creativity and simplify gameplay, allowing for endless experimentation and strategic refinement.
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        About Factory Town

        Build, automate, and optimize a giant factory on 3D terrain using conveyor belts, trains, chutes, pipes, and airships. Sell your goods to nearby villages to expand their borders, increase happiness, and unlock even better technology!