Auto Collection

A mod for Fallout Shelter
About the Auto Collection mod

Simplify your Vault management with automated resource collection. No more manual clicks to gather XP, electricity, water, and food—this mod takes care of it all, letting you focus on crafting the perfect environment for your Dwellers.

Transform Your Vault Management

Imagine elevating your gameplay by allowing the mod to handle all resource collection. No more tedious clicking means you can dedicate your time to developing your Vault in new and exciting ways.

Enjoy Seamless Gameplay

With the automated resource collection feature, your game flows more smoothly. You won't have to pause your strategic endeavors for mundane tasks, giving you more freedom to explore the Wasteland and keep your Dwellers happy.

Maximize Your Time in the Wasteland

This mod frees up your focus on greater strategies, letting you dive into more complex challenges while ensuring that essential resources like food and electricity are gathered automatically.

Extra Details

Gives you auto collection. You will automatically collect XP, electricity, water and food. You no longer have to manually click to gather these resources.

This modpack contains the following mods

Auto Collection

Gives you auto collection.

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