Events Manager

Fallout Shelter

Instantly start a wide range of random events, or prevent events from occurring. No more annoying raids, no more random fires, no more random events. Instantly stop all active events including room fires and raiders.

Overview Video
This modpack contains the following mods

No Deathclaw Events

Prevent Deathclaw events from occurring.

No Fire Events

Prevent Fire events from occurring.

No Ghoul Events

Prevent Ghoul events from occurring.

No Molerat Events

Prevent Molerat events from occurring.

No Radroach Events

Prevent Radroach events from occurring.

No Radscorpion Events

Prevent Radscorpion events from occurring.

No Raiders Events

Prevent Raider events from occurring.

Start Deathclaw Event

Start a Deathclaw event. This makes deathclaws attack your base.

Start Fire Event

Start a Fire event. This lights a random room on fire.

Start Ghoul Event

Start a Ghoul event. This makes a wave of ghouls attack your base.

Start Molerat Event

Start a Molerat event. This makes Molerats tunnel into your base and attack.

Start Radroach Event

Start a Radroach event. This makes Radroaches tunnel into your base and attack.

Start Radscorpion Event

Start a Radscorpion event. This makes Radscopions tunnel into your base and attack.

Start Raiders Event

Start a Raiders event. This makes raiders attack your base.

Stop All Emergencies

Instantly end all emergencies.