Rush Room Manager

A mod for Fallout Shelter
About the Rush Room Manager mod

Modify the rush mechanics in Fallout Shelter to suit your gaming style. Enjoy the assurance of successful rushes or increase the thrill by setting them to fail. This mod enhances your gameplay by providing bonus XP and caps for each successful rush.

Master Your Rushing Strategy

With the ability to set rush outcomes, you can create a tailored strategy for your Vault management. Imagine never facing a failure in a rush again, allowing you to focus on expanding and fortifying your underground empire.

Enhance Your Resource Management

This mod not only ensures your rushes are successful but also rewards you with additional caps and XP. Experience a significant boost in resources that will help you build and maintain a thriving Vault!

Embrace New Gameplay Challenges

If you're looking for a unique gaming experience, consider configuring rushes to always fail. This adds a layer of challenge, pushing you to strategize your resources and responses, making every decision critical to your Vault's survival.

Extra Details

Modify the chance of a rush succeeding including always succeeding or always failing. Give yourself bonus XP and caps when a rush succeeds.

This modpack contains the following mods

Rush Fail Chance

Enable the toggle to set the chance of failing a rush to the given percentage. The value ranges from zero percent which means you can't fail a rush to 100 percent which means you will always fail a rush.

Rush XP Multiplier

Enable the toggle to multiply the base XP that is given when you successfully rush a room.

Rush Bonus Caps

Enable the toggle to increase the amount of caps you get for each successful rush.

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