Unlimited Resources

A mod for Fallout Shelter
About the Unlimited Resources mod

Instantly boost your Vault's resources with ease, allowing you to acquire caps, energy, food, and water whenever needed. Tailor your gameplay experience by customizing the amounts you receive and enjoy an uninterrupted adventure in the Wasteland.

Effortlessly Manage Your Vault's Needs

No longer worry about running low on essential supplies. With the ability to generate infinite caps, food, energy, and water, you can focus on creating a thriving underground community instead of constantly searching for resources.

Tailor Your Resource Boost to Fit Your Strategy

Select the exact amount of caps, energy, food, and water you want. Whether it's a modest boost or a significant increase, you have the flexibility to customize your resources, empowering your unique playing style.

Unlock Your Vault's Potential

Transform your gameplay by taking control of resource management. Easily give your Vault a competitive edge over other players and elevate your enjoyment of this beloved simulation experience.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of resources. This includes caps, energy, food and water.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Caps to Give

The amount of caps to give.

Give Caps

Give the specified amount of caps.

Amount of Energy to Give

The amount of energy to give.

Give Energy

Give the specified amount of energy.

Amount of Food to Give

The amount of food to give.

Give Food

Give the specified amount of food.

Amount of Water to Give

The amount of water to give.

Give Water

Give the specified amount of water.

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