Give Potatoes

A mod for Farmer Against Potatoes Idle
About the Give Potatoes mod

Empower yourself with the ability to instantly give a specified amount of potatoes, providing a customizable resource management experience, enhancing your gameplay in Farmer Against Potatoes Idle.

Customize Your Resources

Amplify your gaming strategy by customizing and managing your potato resources to suit your unique playing style, accelerating your progress in Farmer Against Potatoes Idle and optimizing your experience.

Unleash Your Power

Take control of your game's resources by instantly giving yourself a specified amount of potatoes, transforming your approach and enabling you to conquer challenges, unlock new levels, and advance like never before in Farmer Against Potatoes Idle.

Elevate Your Gameplay

Enhance your Farmer Against Potatoes Idle adventure by leveraging the Give Potatoes mod, which grants you the ability to multiply and enhance your potato reserves, fostering an enriched and tailored gaming spree like never before.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of potatoes.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Potatoes to Give

The amount of Potatos to give.

Give Potatoes

Give the specified amount of potatoes.

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