Give Skulls

A mod for Farmer Against Potatoes Idle
About the Give Skulls mod

Elevate your game in Farmer Against Potatoes Idle by instantly adding the skulls you need to succeed. With customizable settings, you can give yourself up to 10 million skulls, providing a powerful advantage as you combat the potato menace.

Boost Your Gameplay Instantly

Step into battle ready to face the relentless waves of Potatoes by instantly adding powerful skulls to your inventory. This mod seamlessly integrates into your game, giving you the upper hand without lengthy grinding sessions.

Tailor Your Rewards

Imagine being able to determine how many skulls you want at any given moment. With this mod, whether you need a small boost or a massive pile of 10 million skulls, the choice is in your hands, making your adventure more flexible and engaging.

Revolutionize How You Play

This exciting tool transforms your gaming experience, allowing you to focus on strategy and combat rather than resource gathering. Enjoy the thrill of leading your army and upgrading your stats like never before, all thanks to the convenience of instant rewards.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of skulls.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Skulls to Give

The amount of skulls to give.

Give Skulls

Give the specified amount of skulls.

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