Multiply Potatoes

A mod for Farmer Against Potatoes Idle
About the Multiply Potatoes mod

Elevate your Farmer Against Potatoes Idle experience with the Multiply Potatoes mod. Instantly multiply your potato yield by a specified amount, allowing for tailored progression and enhanced gameplay. Enjoy seamless compatibility with the game for an improved and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Gain Potatoes Instantly

Multiply your potato yield instantly by a specified amount, allowing for quicker progression and enhanced gameplay experience for Farmer Against Potatoes Idle fans.

Customize Potato Multiplication

Utilize the mod's options to customize the multiplication of potatoes, offering a tailored gaming experience suited to individual preferences in Farmer Against Potatoes Idle.

Game Compatibility

This mod is designed to seamlessly integrate with Farmer Against Potatoes Idle, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience without disrupting the core gameplay mechanics.

Extra Details

Instantly multiply your potatoes by a specified amount.

This modpack contains the following mods

Multiply Amount

The amount to multiply by.

Multiply Potatoes

Multiply potatoes by the specified amount.

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