Enhanced Movement

A mod for Fast and Low
About the Enhanced Movement mod

Elevate your in-game performance with enhanced movement capabilities. This mod allows you to multiply your movement speed, bolster your jump power, and customize settings, ensuring each movement suits your personalized gaming style. Whether it's swift, dynamic sprints or gravity-defying jumps, this mod empowers you to traverse the game world with unprecedented fluidity and control.

Overview Video
Unleash Enhanced Speed

Sprint through levels at an incredible pace with the movement speed multiplier, significantly enhancing your in-game speed and agility. Outpace opponents and complete missions with unparalleled swiftness.

Masterful Jumping Abilities

Leap to new heights or across obstacles effortlessly with boosted jump power and unlimited jumps. Enhance your vertical mobility, conquer challenging terrain, and achieve superior maneuverability through unlimited, powerful jumping capabilities.

Tailored Movement Settings

Customize movement speed and jumping preferences to perfectly match your unique playstyle. Use the mod to fine-tune your movement mechanics, ensuring they align precisely with your gaming preferences and needs.

Extra Details

Improve your movement speed and add jumping.

This modpack contains the following mods

Movement Speed Multiplier

Enable the toggle to multiply your movement speed. Increase your walking and running speed.

Jump Power

How powerful your jumps are. This controls how high you can jump.

Unlimited Jumps

Makes it so you have unlimited jumps. You can jump even when you're not standing on the ground.


Make your character jump in FPS mode. This is best bound to a key such as space.

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