Unlimited Slow Motion

A mod for Fast and Low
About the Unlimited Slow Motion mod

Elevate your Fast and Low VR experience with the Unlimited Slow Motion mod. Never experience slow motion interruptions as it becomes infinite, with instant cooldown ensuring you never miss a critical moment in the game. Additionally, gain personalized control over the slow motion, enabling seamless toggling even if it wasn't originally enabled in the game.

Seamless Slow Motion Control

Unleash the power of infinite slow motion enabling continual use without interruptions, revolutionizing your gameplay experience.

Real-time Action with Instant Cooldown

Enjoy immediate reuse of slow motion as it instantly cools down, ensuring you never miss a critical moment in the game.

Personalized Slow Motion Activation

Take charge of the slow motion feature and toggle it on or off seamlessly, even if it wasn't initially enabled in the game, providing a custom experience tailored to your preferences.

Extra Details

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Slow Motion

Makes it so slow motion won't ever run out.

Instant Slow Motion Cooldown

Makes it so slow motion will instantly cooldown, allowing you to use it again straight away.

Force Slow Motion

Turns on slow motion when enabled. This will work even if slow motion isn't enabled in the game. This is best bound to a key so you can toggle it.

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