Unlimited Slow Motion

A mod for Fast and Low
About the Unlimited Slow Motion mod

Experience a whole new level of gameplay with the ability to control slow motion indefinitely. This mod allows you to enjoy infinite slow motion, with instant cooldowns that let you jump right back into action without delay, creating an exhilarating experience in Fast and Low.

Transform Your Gameplay with Infinite Slow Motion

Imagine taking full control over the pace of your actions. With this powerful enhancement, you can immerse yourself in every moment, making strategic choices with precision. Unrestricted slow motion means you won't miss a beat!

Never Wait to Re-enter the Action

No more tedious downtime before you can activate slow motion again! Experience the thrill of instant cooldown and dive right back into epic scenarios. This mod ensures you're always at the heart of the action, ready to tackle any challenge.

Activate Slow Motion Anytime You Want

Dive into an exhilarating gameplay experience where you can initiate slow motion whether or not it’s part of the original game. This flexibility allows for innovative tactics and unexpected gameplay moments, giving you an edge against your foes.

Extra Details

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Slow Motion

Makes it so slow motion won't ever run out.

Instant Slow Motion Cooldown

Makes it so slow motion will instantly cooldown, allowing you to use it again straight away.

Force Slow Motion

Turns on slow motion when enabled. This will work even if slow motion isn't enabled in the game. This is best bound to a key so you can toggle it.

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