A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Axolotl mod

Enhance your Feed and Grow Fish experience with the addition of a captivating Axolotl. This character injects fresh fun and challenges, letting you explore new strategies in your aquatic adventures.

Expand Your Underwater Adventures

Dive into the vibrant world of Feed and Grow Fish with a new character, the Axolotl, adding distinctive gameplay elements that encourage innovative fishing strategies and interactions.

Adapt and Conquer

Utilize the unique attributes of the Axolotl to overcome challenges and hunt more efficiently, making it a fun challenge for players eager to modify their gameplay for greater success in the ocean.

Experience the Thrill of Customization

This addition allows you to explore the freedom of modding with a custom fish, enabling you to personalize your gameplay experience and enjoy the exciting possibilities it brings to your underwater journey.

Extra Details

Adds an Axolotl to Feed and Grow fish.

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