Background Fish Pack

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Background Fish Pack mod

Dive into an enriched gaming environment with an array of background fish, including the stunning golden fish. These custom additions enhance the visuals in Feed and Grow: Fish, creating a delightful aquarium atmosphere without disrupting gameplay. Enjoy a more immersive aquatic adventure today!

Transform Your Underwater Experience

Bring your underwater game to life with stunning background fish that create a captivating aquatic environment. The addition of colorful golden fish serves not only to beautify your surroundings but also adds a unique charm to your adventures.

Enhance Your Gameplay with Custom Features

By incorporating these background fish, you can elevate the aesthetic of your gameplay. They provide a lively backdrop without competing for your attention, allowing you to dive deeper into your feeding frenzy.

Immerse Yourself in Customizable Visuals

This mod allows you to customize your gaming visuals effortlessly. The absence of eating animations means that these fish enhance the environment smoothly, providing a serene experience while you navigate the challenges of the game.

Extra Details

Contains some background fish with no eating animations.

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