A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Bloop mod

Dive into the abyss with a legendary aquatic beast that merges eerie design and supernatural powers into your adventures. Whether you’re hunting or simply exploring, encountering this mythical creature will redefine your experience under the waves.

Overview Video
Unleash the Depths

Explore the dark corners of the ocean with a creature that combines beauty and terror. The Bloop fish enhances your experience by introducing new challenges and mysteries as you grow and evolve.

A New Predator Awaits

Transform your gameplay as you embody one of the ocean's most fearsome inhabitants. This custom fish not only looks stunning but also brings a competitive edge to your hunting skills.

Become the Hunter

Experience the thrill of the chase as you navigate your way through the underwater world. The addition of this mythical creature allows players to test their strategies in a more engaging environment.

Extra Details

The Bloop fish is a mythical creature that lives in the deep sea. It is known for its eerie, supernatural abilities. The Bloop fish is a large and intimidating creature, with a long body and sharp fins that can slice through the water with ease.

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