Camera Fixes

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Camera Fixes mod

Redefine your gaming experience with a mod that grants access to infinite zoom, allows the camera to clip through water, and customizes zoom levels for seamless underwater exploration.

Overview Video
Discover Uncharted Depths

Unleash the potential for deep-sea exploration with the mod's unparalleled ability to access infinite zoom, letting you plunge into the ocean's abyss without boundaries.

Seamless Underwater Maneuvering

Enhance your underwater experience by effortlessly navigating the ocean depths with the modified camera, eliminating constraints and letting you move freely below the water's surface.

Personalized Gaming Experience

Customize your gaming encounter by adjusting camera zoom levels, allowing you to tailor the visuals to your preference, giving you complete control over your underwater adventures.

Extra Details

Modify your camera to have infinite zoom out and allow it to clip through water.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Zoom

Allows you to zoom infinitely.

Remove Camera Water Clipping

Allows the camera to clip above the water when your fish is below the water.

Reset Camera Zoom

Reset the zoom of the camera to 0. This is useful if you have zoomed out too far.

Custom Camera Zoom Level

Manually enter the camera zoom level.

Set Camera Zoom Level

Apply the custom camera zoom level.

Increase Mouse Zoom Speed

Enable the toggle to change the rate that you zoom in and out when scrolling.

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