Give Coins

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Give Coins mod

Empower your gaming experience in Feed and Grow: Fish by granting yourself coins to purchase and freely play as any fish in the game. This mod not only allows you to bypass the coin cap but also gives you total control over your in-game currency, enhancing your adventure in the aquatic world.

Overview Video
Unlock Endless Possibilities

With this mod, you can create a truly unique gameplay experience by easily unlocking and playing as any fish you desire. Imagine swimming around as your favorite creature without worrying about grinding for coins!

Total Control Over Your Currency

Say goodbye to limitations! You can now remove the cap on coins, letting you amass wealth far beyond the default limit. This means you can dive into new adventures and challenges without restraint.

Customize Your Experience

Adjust your coin quantity to fit your gaming style. Whether you want to give yourself a quick boost or transform your gameplay completely, having control over your coins makes every session more enjoyable.

Extra Details

Give yourself coins so you can purchase and play as any fish in the game.

This modpack contains the following mods

Remove Coin Cap

Removes the cap of 1000 coins, allowing you to get more than 1000 coins by default.

Coins to Give

Give yourself coins. You can only have up to 1000 coins.

Give Coins

Give yourself the specified number of coins.

Remove All Coins

Remove all your coins, setting your coins to zero.

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