Godzilla Pack

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Godzilla Pack mod

Discover an exciting new addition to Feed and Grow: Fish with the Godzilla Pack mod. Add a playable Godzilla fish to your game and experience unique features and abilities that will redefine your underwater adventure.

Overview Video
Embrace a New Challenge

Unlock an exciting and unique gameplay experience by adding a playable Godzilla fish to Feed and Grow: Fish. Explore its special abilities and take on a new challenge in the aquatic world.

Customize Your Gaming Experience

Gain the ability to create a custom fish and enhance your gaming experience with the addition of Godzilla fish. Tailor your gameplay and enjoy the thrill of controlling this iconic creature.

Unleash Unique Abilities

Dive into the action with Godzilla fish mod, equipped with unique features and abilities. Unleash its potential as you navigate through Feed and Grow: Fish with this captivating new character.

Extra Details

Adds a playable Godzilla fish.

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