Gun Game

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Gun Game mod

Dive into an exhilarating singleplayer adventure where you start as a low-level fish in the Great Ocean. Level up by hunting other fish to advance through powerful species, and be ready to face the consequences of defeat—fall back to your previous fish if you're caught! Your ultimate challenge? Evolve into the fearsome Megalodon and reign supreme in the ocean!

Overview Video
Experience the Thrill of Progression

Engage in a unique gameplay experience where each fish you encounter plays a crucial role in your journey. Progress through the ranks of aquatic wildlife by successfully hunting or evade others as you fight to survive and improve your skills.

A Competitive Edge in Singleplayer

Challenge yourself to be the best angler in the ocean with this engaging singleplayer mod. It requires skill, strategy, and precision as you work your way to the top. Each setback in your journey offers valuable lessons that enhance your gameplay.

Rise to The Challenge of the Megalodon

Push your abilities to their limits as you strive to become the Megalodon. This intense goal will keep you on your toes, providing hours of entertainment. See if you have what it takes to reach the heights of the ocean's most feared predator!

Extra Details

Gun Game is a Singleplayer Gamemode that drops you into the Great Ocean map with a low level starting fish. Level up your fish and you'll move onto the next fish in a predetermined order. Get killed, and you'll be set back to the previous fish you were on. To win, level up as the Megalodon!

This modpack contains the following mods

Play Gun Game

Click this button to load and play gun game.

Hide Custom UI

Enable this option to completely hide all of the custom UI used in this gamemode.

Close Win UI

Close the popup that shows how long you took to win.

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