Level Up

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Level Up mod

Transform your gaming experience with the ability to instantly elevate your fish to any level you desire. By removing the maximum level cap, this mod allows your fish to grow beyond level 296, giving you the freedom to reign supreme in the waters.

Unlock Your Fish's True Potential

With this enhancement, you can break free from the usual limitations of fish leveling. Experience the thrill of leveling your fish to extraordinary heights, and dominate the waters like never before!

Tailor Your Leveling Experience

This mod allows you to decide exactly how many levels you'd like to add, giving you the power to personalize your gameplay. Whether you want a small boost or to flood the pond with fully leveled fish, the choice is yours!

No More Restrictions

Wave goodbye to the traditional level cap! This feature ensures that your fish can grow endlessly, allowing you to achieve the ultimate size and strength with minimal effort, enriching your gaming experience in Feed and Grow: Fish.

Extra Details

Instantly level your fish up to what ever level you want. Remove the level cap and become the biggest fish in the pond.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Fish Level

Remove the maximum level cap, allowing your fish to get past level 296.

Level Up Levels

How many levels to add each time you level up.

Level Up

Level up your current fish.

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