Leviathan Pack

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Leviathan Pack mod

Experience the thrill of diving with a powerful new addition - the Leviathan! This custom fish mod adds a unique character to your underwater adventures, complete with impressive health and damage stats. Prepare to explore the depths like never before as you take on the role of this mythical giant!

Unleash the Leviathan

Dive into a thrilling experience with the addition of this custom fish, the Leviathan. It brings not just a new character, but a unique gameplay dynamic where you can rule the ocean with its powerful health and damage capabilities.

Challenge Your Skills

Engaging with this mod introduces a formidable opponent in your underwater quests. With the Leviathan's impressive stats, you’ll face an exhilarating challenge that tests your strategy and skill in the waters.

Visually Stunning and Unique

This mod features a striking new model, ensuring that the Leviathan fits seamlessly into the underwater environment while adding a fresh look. Explore the ocean depths in style and enjoyed this custom-designed fish.

Extra Details

Adds a Leviathan.

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