A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Phoenix mod

Dive into the depths of Feed and Grow: Fish with the Phoenix mod, introducing the majestic Phoenix and enabling customization of its abilities and appearance. Unleash the power of this legendary creature as you navigate the underwater world, adding an exhilarating dimension to your gameplay.

Unleash the Power of the Phoenix

Customize and control the legendary Phoenix, utilizing its unique attributes and destructive capabilities to dominate your underwater world. Unleash a new level of power and prowess.

Mythical Creature Customization

Embark on an unparalleled adventure by designing a bespoke Phoenix. Tailor its skills and appearance to create a creature that reflects your gaming identity, adding an entirely new dimension to your aquatic escapades.

Immersion in Myth and Legend

Experience the magic of the Phoenix as you dive into a world of mythical sea creatures. The Phoenix brings an aura of enchantment and wonder, offering an unparalleled fantasy gaming experience.

Extra Details

Adds a Phoenix to the game.

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