Pistosaur Pack

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Pistosaur Pack mod

Dive into a new adventure with the addition of a fascinating fish called the Pistosaur. This mod enhances the vibrant underwater world in Feed and Grow: Fish, providing unique characteristics and statistics that elevate your gameplay experience.

Explore New Horizons Under the Sea

With the introduction of a captivating new fish species, players can dive into uncharted waters and discover the unique abilities and characteristics of this innovative addition. The Pistosaur not only enhances your marine adventures but also provides exciting challenges that will keep you engaged.

Boost Your Game with Unique Stats

Imagine having a fish with tailored health and damage statistics that allow for strategic gameplay. The Pistosaur brings 10 health and 5 damage to the table, giving you a balanced yet exhilarating experience as you fashion your underwater journey.

Custom Assets for a Unique Look

Stand out in the aquatic world with the Pistosaur's specially designed model and animations. This mod transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, ensuring that you not only play differently but also see your game in a fresh and exciting way.

Extra Details

Adds a Pistosaur.

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