Predator X Pliosaurus Pack

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Predator X Pliosaurus Pack mod

Expand your aquatic adventures with the addition of a fearsome Predator X Pliosaurus. This unique creature enriches the gameplay of Feed and Grow: Fish by allowing players to hunt and dominate the underwater realm like never before.

Overview Video
Unleash Ancient Power

Dive into the deep with the Predator X Pliosaurus, a powerful creature that adds an extraordinary twist to your feeding and hunting strategies. This unique fish not only enhances your gameplay but also immerses you in the feeling of being a top predator in the vast marine world.

Visual Upgrade

The addition of a custom fish like the Predator X Pliosaurus elevates the entire visual experience. The enhanced design allows you to showcase your prowess in epic underwater battles, making your time in Feed and Grow visually stunning and memorable.

New Levels of Challenge

With its unique health and damage settings, this mod introduces fresh challenges. Navigate through feeding grounds with the Predator X Pliosaurus as you learn to effectively hunt and survive among fellow marine life, pushing your skills to the limit.

Extra Details

Adds a Predator X Pliosaurus to the game.

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