Raptor Pack

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Raptor Pack mod

Dive into a new gaming experience with the Raptor Pack mod for Feed and Grow Fish. This mod introduces a pack of customizable raptors, each with unique skin variations and diverse behavior, seamlessly integrated into the game to enhance the underwater world with new predatory challenges and gaming dynamics.

Overview Video
Customize Your Gameplay with New Species

Introduce a diverse set of raptors into Feed and Grow Fish, each with different skin variations, allowing players to personalize their gaming experience with unique predators at their disposal.

Enhance the Game with Unique Raptors

Diversify your gaming encounters with a range of new raptor species, each exhibiting distinct behaviors, bringing fresh and exciting challenges to the underwater world of Feed and Grow Fish.

Seamless Integration and Extended Gameplay

Integrate the raptor mod seamlessly with Feed and Grow Fish, bringing an extended gaming experience with new species and gameplay dynamics to explore and master.

Extra Details

A pack of rapters.

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