SCP Pack

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the SCP Pack mod

Introduce SCP creatures into your Feed and Grow: Fish world with this mod. Experience the relentless power and exceptional abilities of SCP-682, customize gameplay with new abilities and enhance the strength of creatures.

Introduce SCP-682 into Your Feed and Grow: Fish World

Dive into a new gaming experience with the addition of the intelligent and relentless SCP-682 and witness its exceptional strength and abilities in Feed and Grow: Fish.

Enhance Gameplay with Customized Abilities

Enjoy a customizable gameplay experience with new abilities that allow you to experiment and have in-depth interactions within the game environment.

Unleash the Power of SCP Creatures

Embrace the power of SCP creatures in Feed and Grow: Fish and see the world from a different perspective with enhanced strength and diverse gameplay options.

Extra Details

This pack contains SCP creatures.

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