Skibidi Pack

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Skibidi Pack mod

Transform your underwater adventures with the Skibidi Pack that introduces whimsical Skibidi Toilets into Feed and Grow: Fish. Meet eccentric characters like the Skibidi Toilet Boss and others, enhancing your gameplay experience with hilarious versatility.

Overview Video
Encounter the Skibidi Toilet Boss

Experience the thrill of meeting the Skibidi Toilet Boss. With its unique combat mechanics and visual appeal, this boss adds a new sense of adventure to your game. Prepare to put your skills to the test!

Diverse Cast of Characters

Dive into a rich underwater tale with multiple Skibidi Toilet Men. These quirky characters not only enhance the visual palette but also offer varied interaction options, ensuring every session feels fresh and entertaining.

Tailored Challenges Await

Customize your encounters with uniquely designed creatures that boast adjustable size and damage stats. Each play session can feel different, presenting new challenges and opportunities to explore!

Extra Details

Adds skibidi toilets.

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