Spawn Fish

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Spawn Fish mod

Transform your Feed and Grow Fish experience with the ability to instantly spawn any fish, customize their attributes, and maintain ecological balance by removing excess fish in your surroundings.

Unleash a Customized Underwater Ecosystem

With the mod, gamers gain the ability to populate the underwater world of Feed and Grow Fish with their choice of fish, granting them the power to create a unique and personalized ecosystem.

Enhance Gameplay with Versatile Fish Spawning

The mod provides players with the capability to instantly spawn a vast variety of fish, offering wide-ranging possibilities to amplify their gameplay experience with versatile spawning options and customizable fish attributes.

Prevent Overpopulation with Effortless Fish Removal

Empower yourself to maintain the balance of the aquatic environment by effortlessly removing all fish in your surroundings, preventing overpopulation and ensuring the ecological equilibrium within the game.

Extra Details

Instantly spawn any fish, or kill all the fish around you.

This modpack contains the following mods

Fish To Spawn

The fish to spawn when spawning a fish.

Refresh Possible Fish

Refresh the list of possible fish.

Fish Spawn Force

The amount of force to apply to the fish you spawn. This allows you to shoot fish across the map.

Fish Spawn Level

The level to spawn fish at.

Fish Spawn Color

The color that the fish will spawn as.

Spawn Fish

Spawn the selected fish with the selected options.

Kill All Fish

Remove all the fish that are currently loaded (the ones that are fairly close to you). They will most likely respawn after some time. This won't kill your fish.

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