Spinosaurus Pack

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Spinosaurus Pack mod

Add a magnificent Spinosaurus to your underwater experience, complete with unique stats and stunning animations that will elevate your gameplay in Feed and Grow: Fish.

Overview Video
Unleash New Aquatic Adventures

Dive into the ocean with a unique Spinosaurus and explore uncharted territories, hunting smaller fish or facing off against larger foes. Experience a new level of drama with this dinosaur's presence as you navigate the waters.

Enhance Gameplay with Custom Stats

Take advantage of the Spinosaurus's impressive health and damage stats to dominate the underwater world. With 5 health points and substantial damage output, this creature doesn't just swim—it reigns supreme.

Immerse Yourself in Stunning Visuals

This mod boasts a beautifully crafted model and animations that enhance the visual depth of Feeds and Grow: Fish. The high-quality design helps bring the prehistoric creature to life in your aquatic adventures.

Extra Details

Adds a Spinosaurus to Feed and Grow Fish.

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