Three Headed Hydra Dragon Pack

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Three Headed Hydra Dragon Pack mod

Introducing an exquisite three-headed hydra dragon, this mod significantly enriches your gaming experience by adding a powerful creature that can bite with each head! A dream come true for those seeking unique additions to their fish collection in Feed and Grow Fish.

Overview Video
Unlock Mythical Power

With this extraordinary creature, players can unlock the mythical power of a hydra dragon, delivering an epic boost to their gameplay. Imagine devouring smaller fish while utilizing all three heads to prepare for more significant challenges in your underwater adventure.

Expand Your Ocean Colletion

Dive into a world where your collection of custom fish expands beyond the ordinary. The three-headed hydra dragon not only offers powerful stats but also adds an exciting twist to your gameplay. This is a unique chance to elevate your strategy and showcase a one-of-a-kind creature.

Embrace the Fantasy

Add a touch of fantasy to your ocean adventure. The stunning design and ability of the hydra dragon make it an eye-catching addition to your game. Not only will it enhance your fighting capabilities, but it will also provide an immersive experience steeped in mythological wonder.

Extra Details

A hydra dragon for feed and grow fish. All three heads can bite!

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