Visual Changes

A mod for Feed and Grow: Fish
About the Visual Changes mod

Enhance your Feed and Grow Fish experience with this mod, allowing you to dynamically modify visual aspects of the game, including disabling fog, altering water depths, and creating transparent oceans. Discover new dimensions of gameplay by exploring a clear underwater environment and customizing the aquatic world in real time.

Overview Video
Unveil the World Beneath the Surface

Discover the game's hidden secrets by disabling fog and exploring a crystal-clear view of the underwater environment, uncovering new dimensions of gameplay.

Dynamic Water Control

Revolutionize your gaming experience by adjusting water height in real time, offering endless possibilities for customizing your aquatic world and altering the game's dynamics.

Transparency for New Adventures

Make oceans invisible and control water depth to transform your gaming experience, immersing yourself in a unique and visually stunning underwater realm.

Extra Details

Allows you to change visual options such as disabling fog, making the oceans deeper, making the oceans invisible and removing water completely. Want to see what the maps look like with no water? How about if the maps are completely flooded? Change the water height in real time.

This modpack contains the following mods

Disable Fog

Removes the fog from the map.

Invisible Water

Adjusts the water to be invisible / see through.

Water Height Adjustment

Set the height of the water in real time.

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