Unlock All Levels

A mod for Floppy Knights
About the Unlock All Levels mod

Dive into Floppy Knights like never before by unlocking all levels instantaneously. Say goodbye to waiting and grinding, and embrace the freedom to explore every stage of the game at your own pace, enhancing your tactical gameplay experience.

Explore the Game Without Limits

With the ability to unlock all levels instantly, players can skip ahead to the most challenging parts or explore the most creative strategies without the usual grind. This freedom encourages experimentation and can lead to discovering new, exciting ways to win.

Unlock Your Full Potential

This feature allows players to fully utilize the diverse range of Knights available in Floppy Knights. By having all levels unlocked, players can test out different combinations and refine their tactics without being restricted by level progression.

Fresh Gameplay Experience

By immediately accessing all levels, this mod introduces an exciting twist to your gameplay. You can experience each level's unique challenges at your own pace, tailoring your journey through the game to your preferred play style.

Extra Details

Instantly unlock all levels.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Levels

Instantly unlock all levels.

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