Give Credits

A mod for Gamer Career Tycoon
About the Give Credits mod

Enhance your Gamer Career Tycoon experience by instantly accessing a specified amount of in-game credits with the 'Give Credits' mod. This feature allows you to effortlessly boost your wealth, customize your in-game economics according to your preferences, and streamline your credit management for a more convenient and enriched gameplay.

Amplify Your Wealth

Boost your in-game wealth effortlessly with the ability to instantly have the desired amount of credits at your disposal. This simple yet effective feature offers a convenient way to enhance your gaming experience and progress more efficiently within the game.

Personalized In-Game Economics

Customize the amount of credits to perfectly fit your gaming needs. This mod provides a flexible and adjustable system, ensuring that you have the right amount of resources to suit your unique gaming style and requirements, ultimately enriching your Gamer Career Tycoon experience.

Streamlined Credit Management

Simplify your credit management within Gamer Career Tycoon by instantly gaining the specified amount of credits, providing a flawless and immediate solution to bolstering your financial standing in the game. With this mod, you can easily and conveniently improve your in-game finances, without any unnecessary complications.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of credits.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Credits to Give

The amount of credits to give.

Give Credits

Give the specified amount of credits.

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