Level Up

A mod for Gamer Career Tycoon
About the Level Up mod

Take your gaming experience to the next level by swiftly advancing your character with our unique leveling mod for Gamer Career Tycoon. Instantly become the champion you aspire to be, without the hassle of traditional grinding.

Skip the Grind and Boost Your Progress

With this modification, players can bypass tedious leveling processes and focus on what truly matters: streaming and competing. No more hours spent grinding—enjoy instant level-ups to keep your gaming career on the fast track!

Become a Pro Gamer in No Time

Whether you're aiming to be the next esports champion or a beloved streamer, this mod empowers you to reach your goals faster. Instantly leveling up gives you the edge to soar above the competition and capture the spotlight.

Unlock Endless Possibilities in Your Gaming Journey

With the ability to level up instantly, explore new aspects of gameplay sooner. Spend less time on boring tasks and more time enjoying the thrilling challenges within Gamer Career Tycoon.

Extra Details

Instantly level up your gamer.

This modpack contains the following mods

Level Up

Instantly level up.

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