Set Gravity

A mod for Gang Beasts (Old Beta)
About the Set Gravity mod

Elevate your Gang Beasts gameplay by customizing gravity levels to suit your style. This mod allows you to set gravity to absurd levels, enhancing the unpredictable and comedic nature of your matches, especially during local play.

Transform Your Local Matches

Imagine the hilarious chaos you can create when you adjust the gravity during local matches. With this mod, you can experience both high and low gravity fun, creating unique scenarios and unexpected strategies in your battles.

Perfect for Creative Gameplay

This mod encourages players to explore creative gameplay like never before. Whether you want to mimic low-gravity moon landings or intensify brawls with increased gravity, you can customize every match to your liking.

Simple to Use, Endless Possibilities

With an easy-to-use interface, you can set the gravity to your desired level with just a click. This mod invites all players, whether seasoned or newcomers, to revel in the freedom of choice and enjoy Gang Beasts like never before.

Extra Details

Set the gravity of the stage. Make the gravity really high, or really low. This only works in local play.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Gravity to Set

The amount of gravity to set. A value of 100 is the default gravity. A value of 50 is half gravity.

Set Gravity

Change the gravity to the specified amount.

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