No Damage

A mod for Get Off My Lawn!
About the No Damage mod

Secure an unbeatable advantage with this mod, protecting your house from alien attacks and enabling god mode for invincibility, which guarantees effortless victories without any losses.

Unbeatable Defense

Gain an upper hand in the game by protecting your house from any alien threat, securing a guaranteed win.

Immortal Victory

Enable god mode and make your character invincible, ensuring no losses and dominating the alien invasion without fear of defeat.

Easily Conquer the Game

Experience a new level of game mastery with the no-damage cheat, facilitating an effortless victory and enhancing your gaming enjoyment.

Extra Details

Your house won't take damage if an alien reaches it. Gives you god mode. You can't lose.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Damage

Gives you no damage.

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