A mod for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
About the Fly mod

Elevate your gameplay with the Fly mod for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Gain the ability to soar through the game, discover hidden shortcuts, and reveal secret areas. Enjoy the freedom to effortlessly explore new realms within the game, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Overview Video
Discover Hidden Shortcuts

Unlock the ability to fly and reveal hidden paths and shortcuts throughout the game, giving you an edge over challenging obstacles and elevating your overall gaming experience.

Reveal Secret Areas

With the fly mod, access previously unreachable areas and uncover secrets, providing a new perspective on the game and offering a truly immersive and explorative gameplay experience.

Optimize Gameplay Experience

Enhance your gameplay by effortlessly flying through the game and gaining free movement, ultimately enabling you to overcome difficult sections and enjoy a more streamlined and enjoyable gaming experience.

Extra Details

Fly around the game to reach new areas and discover secrets, go through walls and gain free movement. Fly is also sometimes called no clip.

This modpack contains the following mods


Allows you to fly around the map in no clip mode.

Include Hammer Head

Enabling this option will cause the hammer head to also be no clipped. If this option is disabled, the hammer head will still collide with surfaces, allowing you to setup specific situations. This option doesn't do anything unless the actual no clip option is enabled too.

Normal Fly Speed

This is the speed of fly when you aren't holding down the fast key. (default shift)

Fast Fly Speed

This is the speed of fly when you are holding down the fast key. (default shift)

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