A mod for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
About the Gravity mod

Unleash a new level of control and excitement in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy by customizing the gravity strength with this mod. Experience the game in entirely different ways through various gravity settings, offering a truly unique and immersive experience.

Unique Gameplay Control

Tailor the gameplay experience in Getting Over It by adjusting the strength of gravity, offering a new and immersive challenge for players.

Infinite Gravity Possibilities

Experiment with gravity settings, from neutral to flying upwards, unlocking various creative gameplay possibilities, and exploring the game in different ways.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Transform the game dynamics by altering the gravity, providing an exciting and refreshing twist to the gameplay that keeps users engaged and entertained.

Extra Details

Control the strength of gravity in the world. The default power is -30. 0 is neutral and will make you float like you're in space. Any positive number will cause you to fly up.

This modpack contains the following mods


Set your desired number to control the gravity. The default is -30. 0 is completely neutral, you will float like in space. Any positive number, such as 10, will make you fly upwards.

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